Pinoy Citizen Journalism

The Seminar

May kuwenta ba kamo? E-kuwento mo! A Citizen Journalism Seminar

November 29, 2008
UP Diliman
Sponsored by Pinoy Weekly, College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP), AGHAM-Youth and Computer Professionals’ Union (CPU)
In association with PhilippineReader.Com


The rapid development of information technology has ushered in new approaches and methods in reporting what is going on in the world. During the last decade, reportage which was previously the exclusive domain of professional journalists has been opened to ordinary citizens with no formal journalistic training through their access to the Internet as well as to modern technology like mobile phones, digital recorders and cameras. Recent history has demonstrated the immense impact of this development: Reportage by ordinary citizens in momentous events from the Iraq invasion to the tsunami disaster was crucial in documenting and exposing to the world both the horrific and admirable stories in those events.

The Philippines is far from exempt from such development. Though Internet and technology access is still limited to but a portion of the national population, those who do have access have quickly tapped into its enormous potential. A most notable example would be the phenomenon of SMS messaging in such events as EDSA Dos in 2001, where ordinary people especially the youth were galvanized into political action in part because of texting. In other social events like disasters and war, Filipinos are slowly beginning to see the positive use of modern technology to document their stories that may impact public opinion and even public policy.

Citizen Journalism Seminar

There seems to be a dearth of programs from organizations, media-related or not, however, aimed at developing both the awareness of citizen journalism and the citizens’ skills needed to more efficiently report their own stories.

Hence, this project. Sponsored by Pinoy Weekly, an online and print investigative news magazine catering to Filipino readers, as well as CPU, AGHAM-YOUTH and CEGP, the workshop aims to gather ordinary citizens from various communities and schools in the National Capital Region and equip them with the preliminary knowledge and skills to better report stories and events that may have an impact on the national situation.

Participants will be ordinary citizens with little or no formal training in journalism: Pinoy Weekly has a wide readership in the grassroots; CEGP has a nationwide network of college publications and campus journalists, as well as the publications’ captive readership of students. CPU and AGHAM-YOUTH, meanwhile, bring to the project their expertise and experience in providing and assisting in the training for more efficient uses of technology.

The workshop will be a one-day affair consisting of lectures from experts and proponents of citizen journalism, trainings on basic news and features writing, photography, videography and a special session on science journalism.


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  1. Who are the speakers for every topic?
    Have the first 50 slots been taken already?

    Comment by Em Cant — November 9, 2009 @ 8:07 am | Reply

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