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November 25, 2008

Not to worry…

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Nothing like this on Saturday -- just sumptuous food for the brain and heart (we hope).

Not sure if you guys expect a feast come Saturday (hehe, packed lunch lang eh), or may have the impression that you may not be accomodated in the sessions of choice, or just plain goddarn excited. We were wondering this because many are inquiring if they have been included in the first fifty pre-registrants. Not to worry, guys. The pre-registration, for the most part, is just for us to ensure that all the sessions will have ample audience. There was an apprehension as to the popular appeal of writing sessions. Good to know, though, that the written word has not yet lost its appeal among us. As of now, judging from the pre-reg forms turned in, the sessions will probably be well-covered.

As for the lunch, I suppose, it is an added come-on (there is a crisis, after all). Our fear, though, is that a sumptuous course of good ‘ole kanin at ulam may disappoint discriminating tastes. So be forewarned: probably no lechong manok or morcon on styros. We’ll do our best to feed the fifty with decent, edible food.

We plan to post the lucky fifty a day before big Saturday — but they will still have to confirm their registration on the morning of the 29th. Hehe. So for all you who have yet to pre-register and would fancy some decent, edible lunch on the 29th to go with a kit in an afternoon of (what we hope to be) fun-filled and exciting breakout sessions, pre-register now!


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